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Since 2013 we’ve been looking for a way to bring Burning Sea back to life. Unfortunately, this task turned out to be rather hard, if not, at least for now, impossible... Although the region Puntamika and Zadar is a beautiful location for a great Metal festival at the sea coast, we were not happy with the actual venue. There are just too many issues connected to that venue to be listed here.

To sum it up: It’s awfully complicated to do a serious production on that venue. In addition, having tourist accommodation, like apartments, that close to our not so quiet spot, doesn’t make things easier.

Anyway, our search for another venue, that would satisfy your and our expectations, was – sad but true – not successful.

Therefore we decided to put our energy into other projects and lay Burning Sea to rest for now.

We may surprise you one day, but we don’t know when or where there will be a Burning Sea again. Surely not in the near future.

Thank you all for your letters of support.
Your Burning Sea team